For a Safer Kansas City: An Introduction to the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission

Since 1949, the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission has been dedicated to building a safer metropolitan area for the citizens of Kansas City. But the question of public safety is a complex one that requires more than one answer.

This is why we take a comprehensive approach to crime reduction, targeting different issues through the four programs we oversee: Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline, Surviving Spouse and Family Endowment Fund (SAFE), Metropolitan Community Service Program (MCSP), and Second Chance. From supporting those who fight crime, to giving those who commit crime a chance for redemption, we look forward to giving you a glimpse of what we do every day in our upcoming blog posts.

Resource Specialist Addie leads Job Club for Second Chance clients

Resource Specialist Addie leads Job Club for Second Chance clients

First we would like to introduce you to Second Chance, our ex-offender re-entry program. Since 2010, the dedicated resource specialists of Second Chance have been helping find housing and employment for those returning from prison. Research indicates that access to these basic living needs is one of the most powerful tools in reducing incentives to commit new crimes. Of the participants who complete the program, only twenty percent return to prison, a much better recidivism rate than the national average. But the impact of this program is measured in more than statistics. While the city benefits from a lower crime rate, clients are given the chance to re-build and reconcile with their families and communities. As Crime Commission Chairperson Terry Kilroy puts it, “We are truly changing lives with our Second Chance efforts!”

In a few weeks, we’ll give you the opportunity to get to know some of our clients personally, as we post exclusive stories from an upcoming panel discussion for our board of directors. Keep an eye out for more on our other programs, as well as information on how you can contribute to the Crime Commission. For now, feel free to visit our website,, or check us out on Facebook.